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Diary - Thursday 11th Feb 2021

What was I thinking? Why does LinkedIn not save the sort order when you save a job search? Why do recruiters ask for “Azure” experience? There are a gazillion services in Azure you know….

Diary - Wednesday 10th Feb 2021

What was I thinking? I need to start recording what I’m up to, so here it is…. Why on earth has my TP-Link PowerLine Ethernet link to the CCTV camera on the front of the house suddenly decided not to work?

Not so good at talking about myself and what I do, there is room for improvement!

Like many I struggle with the whole idea of self promotion, it certainly doesn’t come naturally! I know it’s Christmas Eve but I needed to start this process…

Azure DevOps CI build for Angular 8 application - the basics

Thought it was about time I published something else on here!! Myself and a friend (Mike), we are both freelance, have similar thinking around continous education as in it is an absolute must.

Cloudflare Setup

In my head it made complete sense to front this blog with the “Free” plan from Cloudflare Wanted to accomplish 2 things from this exercise Able to use andrewheys.

In the beginning....

After a really busy stint before Christmas (2 x role in parallel) I’ve taken a few months off from April; during that time I’ve got through a whole load of study as well getting some time with my family.