Andrew heys
Andrew heys
.NET & .NET Core Back End developer using C#.
Aug 12, 2019 1 min read

In the beginning....

After a really busy stint before Christmas (2 x role in parallel) I’ve taken a few months off from April; during that time I’ve got through a whole load of study as well getting some time with my family. Time off has also given me opportunities to work on the house, keep the garden in shape (labour & lawn mowing only, I don’t do the pretty stuff!) and tinker with my old BMW.

What I should have done (!!) was record it as I went along, trouble is a blog seemed quite a bit of overhead until I came across Hugo a few weeks ago.

All Hugo files for this blog are under source control in an Azure Git Repo, devops is via Azure Devops Build Pipeline and Azure Devops Release Pipeline ultimately ending up in blob storage configured as a static site; this setup is more than adequate for my current needs and it’s cheap!

Plan is blog any pieces of study work but also any articles I read, which number quite a few over the few months I’ve been off (I do have a record of these!) as a resource for others who are in the same technical field as myself….