Andrew heys
Andrew heys
.NET & .NET Core Back End developer using C#.
Aug 15, 2019 1 min read

Cloudflare Setup

In my head it made complete sense to front this blog with the “Free” plan from Cloudflare

Wanted to accomplish 2 things from this exercise

  1. Able to use as well as
  2. Forward all HTTP traffic to HTTPS

Steps to Complete

First thing to do was to setup the CNAME records, the Azure Storage Static Site does not have an IP address so CNAME was the only option..

Configure CNAME Records

Setup up the redirect rule

Setup 301 Rule

Set up the Universal SSL option for now

Setup Universal SSL

Then ensure all HTTP traffic goes to HTTPS

Ensure all HTTP traffic goes to HTTPS

All pretty straightforward once I’d been directed by Jake1st on the Cloudflare Community as to where to set up the 301.

Next thing to look at is the security between Cloudflare and the Azure Storage Static Site..